The Characters

Mumik and Pimnik are brother and sister but they don’t know each other. One lives on the Northernmost Part of the World. The other, on the Southernmost Part of the World. Each sets about finding the other. One by sailboat, the other in a hot air balloon. Will they be able to find each other?

Lincoln Jax, an orphan girl who one night escapes her orphanage after receiving an invitation to go to Hazel Lands, a kingdom where all sorts of wondrous things happen. In this kingdom there are no queens or kings or crowns or sceptres but it holds the answer to everything Lincoln is looking for.

Alfalfa Spooly, a postman who lives in the town of Yellow and must travel to the town of Blue to deliver a magical hat that bestows the most jaw-dropping power to the wearer.

Neboo McCloudy, the grumpiest creature in Floccusville, embarks on a journey after finding a secret riddle-map to a great treasure that will change his life forever (that is if he manages to get to Oraland, a mystical place at the edge of the skies).

Artwork by Eleanor Hardiman

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