“It is literature at its best: a fabulous and original plot; it is the modern-day quest of a young girl, eager to save words and books.”

“A great read for kids and their parents alike! For one, I adored it!”

– Marie-Helene Fasquel, writer, professor and public speaker.


‘A clever and magical story about the importance of words and language. This is a beautiful book aimed at the middle grade reader, and an impressive debut by author Veronica Del Valle.”

“Florence is a great character; strong, determined and unwilling to be bullied.”

– Annette Jordan, reviewer for NetGalley and GoodReads. She’s a top #5 reviewer and #46 best reviewer on Goodreads.


“This is one of those books that captures the magic of reading. It allows readers, both young and old, to wander around in the fantastical and reach for those rare moments of beauty that connect us all.”

Cheryl Morgan-Muir,

“The plot is quite exciting and nothing like I have read before.”

Stacey, reviewer and blogger,


“A modern day quest of a heroine out to save words.” 

“Beautifully written; the message, that of the importance of words, not ‘in your face’ so to speak but woven into the very fabric of this hugely enjoyable story.”

“Wow! Considering this is marketed as being particularly suitable for pre- teenage readers it certainly has some universal themes; the relevance of the words we choose, the consideration of when and how we use them, the power they hold to do harm or good … all of which it could be argued have never been more relevant a message (and not just to children) than it is today.”

-Felicity Grace Terry, Top 1 % reviewer on GoodReads,


“If there was ever a reason (or a reminder) why it is important to take a course or two in creative writing, this book is it. In order to weave a tale and captivate an audience, regardless of their age, you need to study language. Veronica uses plenty of “big words” that could confuse a younger reader but they don’t because of how they are woven into the story.”

– Lindsay Allister, writer and blogger

“I am in love with this book! From the beginning it reminded me of a fable, and I love how traditional fable elements were woven into what I assume is the present time. This book was a masterful work of art.”

-Robyn Devine, Educator in Arlington Heights US. Reviewer on NetGalley and GoodReads.


“It’s a clever and magical story about the importance of words and language. The heroine is prodigy and schoolgirl extraordinaire Florence Ibbot .”

“A great book about the power of words and their impact on creativity that will get kids thinking.”

– Jemma Goulds, teacher and blogger –


“This book teaches us the importance of language. I am exceptionally glad that this is a book geared towards middle-schoolers, as I feel that they could benefit from this fantastic fantasy.”

– Michelle Herring, specialist at White Oak Library District – Lockport, Illinois


“The concept for this book was superb, it’s different from other middle grade books, which may be exactly what some young readers are desperately looking for.”

– Anna, reviewer –

“A creative fantasy suitable for middle grade and above. For lovers of words and stories as well as those intrigued by magic and strong friendships, this is an enchanting read.”

– Laura, Top 1 % of reviewer on GoodReads and a Net Galley Top Reviewer


“Veronica Del Valle has created a magical, whimsical world full of quirky, larger-than-life characters. The Word-Keeper has definite fairytale vibes, the story is sweet but with a core of real importance and a strong message about the joy to be found in reading and the need to defend language.”

“As a former linguistics student I found the logophile aspect endearing and rather cleverly done.”

– Sarah Brown, UK Book Blogger ( )


“With beautiful illustrations, a magical story and delicious dialect, there is nothing not to love about this book.”

“A real treat for any bookworm.”

“A unique story with a traditional good verse bad outcome, this book will be one that is read over and over again.”

“What I found remarkable is Veronica’s wonderful ability for storytelling and hard to believe that this is her debut novel!”

“A must-read for all young adults, and families who love to read.”

– Rachael Jess, UK Book Blogger and Reviewer (

“This book felt incredibly relevant, and should be on all school reading lists to help children understand the power of the language they use.”

“Veronica Del Valle’s love of language is obvious in every page of this book, and I would urge people of all ages to read it.”

– May Taylor, book reviewer, May’s Musings


“This is a wonderful use of vocabulary woven throughout the story. I would recommend this as a classroom novel for upper intermediate students to expand their vocabulary base.”

– Kristina Shankels, reviewer on NetGalley


” If I could wish one thing, it would be to be 12 again while reading this book. “

“I’m hoping to share it with my 12-year-old daughter.”

– Michelle Ashmore, Lincoln UK. Reviewer GoodReads.


“It’s a very recommended middle grade book. A tale of bravery, of the love of words and of their importance in our daily lives.”

– Kimberly Ricketts, reviewer on NetGalley


“I actually really enjoyed this one. I found myself immediately engrossed in this sweet world that Veronica has created. A magical little book that I think would fit in so well in the classroom setting, one that children will love, but also one that adults love, as I very much did!”

” Everything is so whimsical – from the quirky characters to the imaginative place names. Highly recommend!”

– Amy Williams, reviewer on NetGalley


“All four stories are brilliant, and all four stories will make you stop and think about yourself.” 

– Helen Byles, co-blogger #BookBound. Librarian at The Oaks Primary, Ipswich.


“Each unique tale is brilliantly written and full of possibility and hope.”

“I would love to read these to a class of children and have them decide what each character learns from their journey. “

Erin Lyn Hamilton, My Shelves Are Full Blog

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