The Author

I’m Vee (very formally known as Veronica Del Valle)

I’ve always had fondness for words, language and the magic of storytelling, though I never really thought of being a writer.

But as it turned out, about 12 years ago I started writing fiction by accident and now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I grew up in Argentina, but life eventually led my to live in London, the city that was my home for many years. Like many of the characters in my books, I have a healthy craving for wild journeys and unforgettable adventures.

I have an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University, London, UK. 

I have been an editor and writer for several news organisations and magazines, both in London and Argentina; and I have taught creative writing at Universidad de San Andrés.

When I’m not writing or teaching, I’m either a) meditating or b) enjoying life with my my husband, Ale, and my daughter, Tomiko (which, in a way, is another beautiful way to meditate).

I also hope my stories inspire people to love and respect one another and the world we live in. And I also hope the children (or adults) who read this story will be inspired to be who they truly are, without ever comparing themselves to others.