About the book

What does a journey do to the one who journeys?

Alfalfa Spooly, Mumik & Pimnik, Neboo McCloudy and Lincoln Jax. Four stories about four different journeys. The heroines and heroes of these tales will venture up paths that will lead them into wild adventures, unpredictable risks and, most importantly, possibilities.

WARNING NOTICE: The reader will not find any dragons, wizards, trolls or ogres in this book, but that doesn’t mean it is not filled to the brim with the most peculiar and unexpected characters.

Alfalfa Spooly, a postman who will dare cross the threshold into the unknown to carry out a menacing mission. Mumik and Pimnik, a brother and a sister who will explore unknown territories as they set about finding each other. Neboo McCloudy, a grumpy creature ready to weather his biggest fears so he can discover a secret and otherworldly treasure. And Lincoln Jax, an orphan girl in search of a kingdom that holds the answer to everything she is looking for.

The stories in this book are about having the spirit of a true adventurer, a spirit that is both curious and courageous.

It is a book about discovering new places and exploring unknown territories.

It is about self-discovery and intellectual curiosity. When all is said and done, knowledge, truth, and perseverance will always pay off.

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