“Be very careful with the tricky parts of the journey. Things are very different once you leave the city and head east. Remember the old saying: once the train crosses the Arcane Bridge, you–­”

“Have to be ready for the uncanny, the untold and the unimaginable, I know.”

“Good. Say hi to Grandpa for us,” her mother said and then pecked Florence on the forehead. Chapter Three – The Word-Keeper

It’s a long journey to Inkwell! To get there, Florence must travel through the Farm Fields of Fleeting Feathers, the Pathway of Pedantic Plum Trees, the Great Grumbling Grassland, the Riveting River Valley and the Wood of Whispering Weeping Willows.

Join Florence as she journeys into this wild and magical adventure!

“It was a quiet morning in Inkwell. Florence, Ben and Grandpa Davey left the cottage and walked down Vellum Boulevard. Then they took Italics Lane, a peculiar street where all the houses were tilted just a few inches to the right, making the passers-by feel askew.” Chapter Ten, The Word-Keeper

Both maps were created by the very talented artist Eleanor Hardiman

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